Clothing, muslin squares, nappies and beads


Our baby clothes are of high quality and are made of 100% organically grown cotton. The socks also contain a proportion of Polyamid and Elastan. The methods used throughout the production of the baby clothes we use are environmentally friendly, with limited pollutant emissions and low levels of water pollution. The baby bodies, little trousers and socks are from the brand H&M, and the bibs are from C&A. Clothes are usually in size 62, and socks in size 13/15, but if desired we can incorporate other sizes into our products upon request.

Muslin squares

Colourful squares made of muslin. They are perfect for so many uses – under baby’s head, as a bib or neckerchief, head scarf, or cuddle blanket, shoulder protection whilst "burping" baby, as sun protection in the car or pram or simply as a fashion accessory or a toy.
All squares are of 100% cotton, boil-proof and colour-fast. During production they are first washed, then dyed and washed again at 60° ensuring that the colour won’t bleed and that they are safe for babies.


Our nappy cakes are made from high quality disposable nappies from the “Milette” brandname. Please choose the nappy size when ordering. The number of nappies may vary depending on the size chosen. The standard size is size 2 (3-6 kg). We can of course use other brands upon request.
The nappy cake "Little ocean" is made up of swim nappies "little swimmers" from "Huggies". Here you can also choose the nappy size.


The beads that we use for our dummy-chains are saliva-proof and baby-safe. The wooden letters have rounded corners so that little ones can’t hurt themselves. The clips have three ventilation holes in order that enough air can get through just in case baby happens to get it in his/ her mouth. All fastenings etc. are nickle-free.